Why Choose DVC?

Diablo Valley College offers a variety of programs to international students. The majority of international students come to DVC to take part in the transfer programs.  

Diablo Valley College is the number one feeder institution to the University of California at Berkeley for both domestic and international students.

International students also transfer to the other University of California campuses including UCLA and UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara and UC San Diego. Currently, international students who have NOT attended college prior to coming to DVC can take part in the Guaranteed Transfer Agreements with UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, and Irvine. International students who have not attended a four year college prior to coming to Diablo Valley College are also eligible for the Concurrent Enrollment program which allows students to take a class at UC Berkeley while attending Diablo Valley College.  Take a look at DVC transfer statistics.

DVC also offers Certificate and Associate degree programs. Currently international students who complete our certificate and associate degree programs are eligible to take part in Optional Practical Training which allows international students to work full-time in the United States in their area of studies. Certificates and Associate degrees include Art Digital Media, Business, Computer Network Technologies, Computer Science, Civic Drafting, Culinary Arts, Mathematics and others. Please check the catalog to see the complete list.

Students can also enjoy the athletic teams, student clubs, on campus movies and volunteer opportunities. Diablo Valley College offers a student a supportive and engaging environment for studies and social interaction.

For more information, contact the International Students Admissions and Services Office at 925-969-2197 or by e-mail at isas@dvc.edu