Career Pathways and High School Articulation

construction architecture
Construction Architecture

What are career pathways?

Career Pathways are rigorous academic and technical courses in programs of study that prepare high school students for successful completion of state academic standards and support transition to more advanced post-secondary coursework in a related career area of interest.  Are you ready for the new economy?  View Success in the New Economy

What is high school articulation and how can it benefit me in high school?

High school articulation is a planned process that links secondary CTE programs to post-secondary CTE programs. Students in articulated high school courses can elect to take a "credit by exam" option that can provide them with college credit for the corresponding college course. Once the student completes the "credit by exam" option offered in their high school course, they receive a grade on their college transcript, with a note that the course was completed via "credit by examination." Courses currently articulated with DVC (updated 4/17).

Diablo Valley College's high school articulation agreements can also be found online at the Statewide Pathways Website at Once there, click on the "Agreements" tab, and enter "Diablo Valley College."

For additional information, please contact our program coordinator or 925-969-2042