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Please email veterans@dvc.edu 

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Our mission

We are honored to assist veterans, guardsmen, and reservists, in receiving their military benefits; facilitate their transition into academic life; and support their ongoing academic success.

Education benefits information is located at the Veteran Services office located in the Student Services Center.

Steps for New Students

The following steps are required BEFORE submitting a certification request and all documents/steps must be completed before we can certify your enrollment with the VA. 

  1. Complete a Veterans Affairs Application for Education Benefits.
  2. Complete an application for admission to DVC.
  3. After you have completed the application and have a student ID number you will need to complete the Online orientation via Insite Portal.
  4. Complete the online assessment process.  You will receive placements for English and math.  If you wish to enroll in chemistry, you will be able to make an appointment through the website.  For questions regarding placement, please e-mail or call 925- 969-2132. 

  5. If you have attended courses at another college please have the transcripts sent to DVC.
  6. Meet with a Veterans’ Counselor to develop your personal Education Plan. BEFORE you can make an appointment you must complete the above steps. Call (925) 969-2140, identify yourself as a Veteran who needs to meet with a Veteran’s Counselor.
  7. Submit copies of the following applicable documents to the Veterans Services Office:

    1. DD214 (Member-4 Copy) - Veterans only. 
    2. NOBE - Select Reservists only.  A copy of your Notice of Basic Eligibility must be submitted; NOBE is obtained through your command.

    3. Copy of the Kicker, if applicable (part of the enlistment contract; “Army College Fund,” “Navy Sea College Fund.”
    4. Certificate of Eligibility, a letter sent to the veteran confirming his/her or dependents eligibility for education benefits
  8. Submit the Student Statement of Responsibility

Links for Current Students

The following links are for students that are currently enrolled in courses.

  1. Request for Certification 
  2. Report a Drop

Veterans Services - office hours

Admissions and Records Office staff members are available to assist you regarding education benefits during the following hours: 

Monday and Thursday from 9 am to 1 pm
Tuesday and Wednesday from 1 pm to 5 pm

Contact Us

School certifying official

Gabriel Harven
Fax:  925-609-8085

email:  veterans@dvc.edu