Special Programs

DVC's athletic academic advising is designed to support student-athletes in their efforts toward academic success in achieving their educational, personal and professional goals.

New student-athletes should enroll in Counseling 096 - Orientation to College for Student-Athletes course. This course is an introduction to NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), COA (Commission on Athletics) and DVC regulations as well as campus services for student-athletes will be emphasized.

Student-athletes will also meet with DVC Athletic Academic Counselor to develop individual Student Education Plans and to discuss academic and career goals.

Athlete Advising

For more information contact:

Terry Armstrong, Athletic Counselor  tarmstrong@dvc.edu
Room: Counseling Center, 2nd floor in the Student Services Building

Jamie Bailey, Athletic Counselor  jbailey@dvc.edu
Room: Counseling Center, 2nd floor in the Student Services Building 

First Year Experience 

The First Year Experience program is designed to help students gain awareness of campus resources and support services.  It will help students feel more connected and comfortable at the college, acquire academic and life skills to succeed in college and reach their educational goals.

For more information contact:

International student program

The International Students Office (ISO), located in the Student Services Building on the 2nd floor, is where all international students must come to first apply for admission. The office offers information on admission and immigration requirements. For more information, contact the International Students Admissions and Services Office at 925-969-2196 or by e-mail at iso@dvc.edu.


For more information contact:

Matthew Munday M.S.
Faculty, Counseling/International Student Services
925-969-2149   Link to frequently asked questions PDF

Maria Dawson M.S.
Faculty, Counseling/International Student Services
925-969-2146   Link to frequently asked questions PDF

Program for Adult College Education

PACE is a 4-term program that packages linked classes together with a working adult population in mind.  Students enrolled in the PACE program meet on the Pleasant Hill campus one evening a week and on selected Saturdays. PACE classes are taught in a “hybrid” format (part on-campus and part online), so students receive the benefit of weekly “in-class” interaction with teachers and fellow students and the convenience of online instruction. 

Access the PACE application.


PACE Brochure

Shaeehea Hollis-Sachau, PACE Counselor  shollis@dvc.edu
Room: Counseling Center, 2nd floor in the Student Services Building

Sheila Lau, PACE Counselor/ Instructor for Counseling Class  slau@dvc.edu
Room: Counseling Center, 2nd floor in the Student Services Building


DVC Puente Learning Community

The Puente program is a one-year pre-transfer program open to all students who meet the eligibility criteria. The content of the course focuses on Mexican American/Latino authors and issues. All students will be required to participate in all course and project activities, counseling and mentoring.

Puente Project

Student Information Form, which you can print, fill out, and send to Ms. Dorado

For more information contact:

Maria Dorado, Puente Counselor  mdorado@dvc.edu
Room: Counseling Center, 2nd floor in the Student Services Building

Brenda Gonzalez, Puente Counselor    rbgonzalez@dvc.edu
Room: Learning Commons Annex, C-124

Patrick Leong, Puente English Instructor   pleong@dvc.edu
Room: FO-111

DVC Umoja Learning Community

Umoja (a Kiswahili word meaning unity) is a statewide community of educators and learners committed to the academic success, personal growth and self-actualization of African American and other students. Students in the Diablo Valley College Umoja Community will study with instructors trained in and committed to Umoja principles. The linked courses provide a structure for our community, with core courses in Counseling and Social Sciences, and community-linked options for students in English and Mathematics. Strong bonds with mentors, counselors, instructors, and fellow students are an integral part of the Umoja experience.

Umoja Program

For more information contact:

Yvonne Canada, Umoja Counselor/Instructor and Co-Coordinator  ycanada@dvc.edu
Room: Counseling Center, 2nd floor in the Student Services Building

Eric Handy, Umoja Counselor/Instructor ehandy@dvc.edu
Room: Counseling Center, 2nd floor in the Student Services Building

Learning Communities

We invite you to join a DVC Learning Community. In doing so, you will join a group of students in one or more classes that are linked together by a common thread. This thread could be of many types - subject matter, personal interests, cultural perspectives, life goals...Our goal is to help you to get the most out of your time at DVC by offering you an innovative curriculum, academic and personal support, and the opportunity to meet and make friends with a variety of people with whom you will share an enriched common educational experience. To join, just be sure to enroll in all course sections within a specific learning community, unless there are specific instructions otherwise.

Please see the class schedule for specific classes that are part of the learning community.

Learning Communities