E-Services for Counseling


* Due to COVID-19 the DVC Counseling center will be operating remotely for the foreseeable future. 

We use Video Chat (Zoom, Cranium Café) and Phone for our remote services

We have very limited appointments in December (the Fall semester ends on December 11th).  Continuing students may go online and use ESARS to schedule Spring 2021 appointments on January 18th for the week of February 1st.

We do have 15 minute drop-in sessions each day.  ESARS Online Appointment System

Winter appointments (December 14th -17th):  Veterans/Dependents (requesting FA20/SP21 GI benefits), transfer students, returning students (who did not attend Fall 2020), new students, students on Dismissal Status and students who need to complete the Maximum Time Frame Financial Aid Appeal may call our office (925-969-2140) beginning on Monday, November 30th to schedule an appointment in mid December.  ESARS Online Appointment System



  • Staffed by Student Services & Instructional Professionals                                                                                                                 Zoom link for general questions  https://4cd.zoom.us/j/92397357607
    • Tuesdays, 5 - 5:30 pm
    • Wednesdays, 10 - 10:30 am
  • Staffed by Counselors 
    • Monday - Wednesday we will have remote drop-in sessions from 8 - 5:00 pm


  • Monday - Wednesday appointments are from 8 am to 7 pm 


At DVC Counseling we are here to help you determine your goals, plan your next steps and access campus resources.

Listed below are your counseling options - click on the category that best describes your needs and situation:   

  • Drop-In Counseling – For quick check-ins about DVC deadlines, procedures, general major or program information (15 minute same-day drop-in) 
  • Counseling Appointments 
    • Follow up: If you already have an education plan on file and are just checking in or updating plans (30-minute appointment) 
    • New Education Plans: To create a new 2-year education plan, discuss new transfer or career plans (45-minute appointment) 

 Please call 925-969-2140 to schedule an appointment for any of the following reasons: 

  • Dismissal Appointments  please review the Probation and the Dismissal Policy webpage.  You must first attend a workshop before an appointment can be scheduled
  • Financial Aid – Maximum Time Frame
  • VA Appointments (fall/spring certifications) 
  • Students with Transcripts from other colleges (you have attended another college and have not met with a DVC Counselor)

For Disability Support Services (DSS) appointments (students must have a disability to see a DSS counselor),  please fill out this DSS Counseling Appointment Request form:   

To schedule an EOPS Counseling Appointment, please click here to complete the Appointment Request Form:  https://dvceops.wufoo.com/forms/kukxwez1ieu022/ or email eopscare@dvc.edu

Wellness counseling at Diablo Valley College through Rainbow Community Center interns.  The Wellness Interns are available Monday - Friday for appointments via Zoom. To schedule an appointment, fill out this referral form

Current High School Students - (Drop-In Counseling Only) - appointments are not available for students currently enrolled in high school. 



Schedule a 15 minute remote Drop-In Session for today.

Your counselor will contact you through your Insite email with meeting instructions, text or call you.  Please check your email and phone frequently.

Go to ESARS Online Appointment System click on “Drop-in”.   If you have difficulty, please call 925-969-2140.



Your counselor will contact you through your Insite email, text or phone call with meeting instructions.

For transcript evaluations, please call 925-969-2140 (official transcripts must be on file).

Go to ESARS Online Appointment System



For Cranium Cafe: Preferred browser is Chrome or Firefox; Be sure to download any apps prior to your counseling appointment;*** ● iOS- Apple Device Meeting Requirements: ● ConexED App available in the App Store* ● Limited access using the app, will be able to join a video meeting but share screen and other functions are not available at this time.

Starfish appointment programs:

You must accept/confirm your Starfish appointment and then check your insite email for zoom meeting instructions.
Shaeehea Hollis Sheila Lau          

Starfish General remote Appointment

Starfish PACE remote Appointment

Starfish General remote Appointment

Starfish PACE remote Appointment


Cranium Cafe appointment programs:

Your counselor will contact you through your insite email with meeting instructions.
Maria Dawson - International and General Counselor 

This Counselor is also available to schedule on ESARS or click on the card below.

 Maria Dawson's Cranium Cafe Card


Cheryl Carter - General Counselor 

This Counselor is also available to schedule on ESARS or click on the card below.

 Cheryl Carter's Cranium Cafe Card

Matt Munday - International Counselor         

Click on the card below to schedule an appointment. 

Video chat on Cranium Cafe with Matt Munday                                                 

Alberto Aranda - VA and General Counselor

Counselor is also available to schedule on ESARS or click on the card below.

Video chat on Cranium Cafe with Alberto Aranda

 How to Make a Counseling Appointment

 How to Make A Counseling Appointment



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