Counseling Directory

Counseling faculty
Canada-Clarke, Yvonne Umoja/General Counselor/Instructor/ Department Chair
Conde, Kellie DSS Counselor
Despins, Nicole DSS Counselor
Hollis-Sachau, Shaeehea

PACE,  General Counselor / Instructor/Department Chair
Luciano, Nancy Counselor - San Ramon/Pleasant Hill 
Munday, Matt International Counselor/Instructor/Department Chair
Warren, Carolyn General, DSS Counselor/Instructor - San Ramon/Pleasant Hill
Counseling and support services staff
Garcia, Christine R. Administrative Assistant II 925-969-2141
Mangante, Lucilla Administrative Assistant III 925-969-2138 
Open Position Program Coordinator 925-969-2144
Newton, Rosa Administrative Assistant III 925-969-2142
Siliga, Zachary Program Assistant 925-969-2147 
Counseling administrators
Walton-Woodson, Cathy Office Supervisor of the Classified Staff 925-969-2148
Hauscarriague, Beth Dean 925-969-2084
Galindo, Angie Administrative Assistant to the Dean 925-969-2084