We Welcome Your Visits to the DVC Garden and Nursery!

DVC Garden and HORT-90 Nursery – fall 2015

The DVC Garden and HORT-90 Nursery will be open Fridays, 9:30-11:30 am, between Friday, September 4 and Friday, December 4 (weather permitting and with the exception of Friday, Sept. 25, Nov. 20, and Nov. 27.)

All are welcome to harvest, create your own bouquets, or simply enjoy a pleasant walk through the garden. Bring your hat, shears, bags, and vases. The garden features many varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs, grapes, berries, and lots of flowers.

The garden is located at the far end of Parking Lot #9 between the tennis courts and Shipping and Receiving.
To find our Hort 90 Nursery, walk behind the Horticulture classroom and turn left. If the gate is locked when you arrive, call 925-286-2864.

Here are some of the student-grown plants you'll find in the nursery.

  • Cannas – Tropicana – bright, bold, and colorful

  • Daylilies – Stella d'Oro and other varieties

  • Geraniums – Pelargoniums–white, pink, red and purple; Ivy geraniums

  • Herbs - garlic chives, oregano, rosemary, feverfew, Italian parsley, curly parsley, and others; mints – chocolate, orange, spearmint and peppermint

  • Miniature Ivies – Heart-shaped Ivy Topiaries

  • Roses – See them in bloom in pots and in the garden

  • Spider Plants – many sizes – variegated and green – great for homes and offices

  • Succulents – a fun collection of aeoniums, agave, cacti, crassula, echeverias, sempervivums, sedums, and others – all shapes and sizes – 3", 4", gallons, pots and troughs

Every visitor can choose a plant to take with them. (whether or not a purchase is made)

Suggested Prices: 3"-$1.00; 4"- $2.00; 1 Gallon-$3.00; Topiaries and Pots - $3.00 – 5.00
All proceeds are used for the garden, nursery, and HORT-90 students.

Look for us in the garden or in the nursery. If you cannot find us, contact information will be on the garden gate and on the front gate of OH-101 - the Horticulture classroom.

To come at another time, send an email to ktalbot@dvc.edu or call 925-286-2864.