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Do I need tutoring?

Tutoring is a one-on-one meeting with someone who knows a subject well and can help you improve your reading, writing, grammar, and study skills.

Many students who come in for tutoring need help for an English class although our tutors are trained to help you with writing projects or studying for any subject. Tutoring allows you to move at your own pace and create your own goals.

It is important to understand that tutors do not edit or fix your papers. Instead, tutors help you develop the skills you need to improve your own work.

All students enrolled at DVC may have up to two hours of free tutoring per week.

Campus specific tutoring

When is the English Tutoring Lab open?

Online Tutoring

The English Tutoring Lab is now online.  You can join by clicking on the appropriate link below.

DVC English Tutoring Online Schedule (with Zoom links), Summer 2021

For online tutoring, June 14 – July 22, 2021:

For questions, please contact the English Tutoring Coordinator, Heather Lee at hlee@dvc.edu 

Paper Drop Off

Our paper drop off is now available.  Here are the steps to complete the process:

    1. Save your essay as a word document (example end file format: .docx). If you're using Google Docs, here's a resource to guide you on how to make it a .docx file. If you use Mac Pages, here's a resource to guide you on how to make it a .docx file.
    2. Please complete the Paper Drop-Off form and email the form along with your paper to DVCEnglishLab@dvc.edu.  Complete the Paper Drop-off, save a copy of the form as a PDF with the requested file name (Example of file name: Drop-off-Taylor Smith -10.22.20.pdf), and then send it and your essay to DVCEnglishLab@dvc.edu.   
    3. Allow at least 24 hours (M-F) for the Center to respond to your paper drop-off request.  Papers must be emailed as WORD documents.  If you drop off a paper on Saturday or Sunday, please allow until the beginning of the next week for returns.

 Download the Paper Drop-Off Form

San Ramon tutoring

Due to the coronavirus (COVID 19) crisis, Math and Science and Reading and Writing Tutoring is moving to remote tutoring starting March 23. We also offer a free online tutoring service, NetTutor, available for all DVC students 24/7. NetTutor is available to all students through any Canvas course.

Disability Support Services also has online tutoring available click here.

Online Tutoring

Reading and Writing now offers online tutoring via Zoom.

Make sure you have access to Zoom before starting. For more information on how to join a Zoom session, click here.

When you join a session, the tutor may already be working with another student. Please wait quietly (use the mute function) until the tutor is ready to work with you. Students will work with tutors for up to 15-20 minute sessions. You can also use the chat function in Zoom to communicate with the tutor or with other students who are waiting.

Hours & Zoom Tutoring Access

Reading and Writing Tutoring

Monday-Thursday 12:00 pm-4:00 pm

and Wednesday 5-7*

and Friday 12-2*

*by appointment only if made at least 24 hours in advance to email srcreadingandwriting@dvc.edu

Join Zoom Meeting

SRC's Reading and Writing Tutoring now offer paper drop off tutoring  (with 48 hour turnaround Monday-Thursday) if you can't attend our live tutoring sessions.  Email SRCReadingandWriting@email.4cd.edu.

How can I become a tutor?

We are always looking for new members of our tutoring team. If you enjoy and are good at academic English subjects, have strong social skills, and like to help people, then we encourage you to consider becoming a tutor. This is a great opportunity to gain leadership skills on campus.

To become a tutor, you must:

  • pass English 122 (CID English 100) with a B or better,
  • get a recommendation from an English instructor,
  • complete the application process,
  • be enrolled in or have completed English 140, Tutor Training, with a B or better.

For more information about becoming a tutor, drop by LC 105 or call us at 925-969-2616.

Supplemental instruction

Supplemental instruction (SI) is a free program that helps students in our basic English and ESL classes. Classes with supplemental instruction have an hour-long weekly study group in addition to their regular class time.

These study groups give you the opportunity to build on the skills and conversations you started in class. The groups are led by SI leaders who also attend the regular class time.

Supplemental instruction is required for: ESL, 67, ESL77, ESL87, and ESL97A. Additionally, some 117A, 122AL, and 122L courses have SI with optional study groups. 

For more information on the SI program or to learn more about becoming an SI, please contact the LC Co-coordinators: 

Rayshell Clapper -- rclapper@dvc.edu or 925-969-2621 

Laurie Sample -- lsample@dvc.edu

Or contact Kyanne Meissner -- kmeissner@dvc.edu

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Contact English tutoring lab

Telephone: 925-969-2616
Office location: LC 105 Campus map