English Courses and Class Schedule


Composition and reading courses and class schedule

Composition and reading courses improve skills that will help you succeed in college and beyond. Almost all degrees, certificates, and transfer require a composition and reading course. 

Review the composition and reading course sequence to get a better understanding of what courses are required and in what order.

See our catalog for composition and reading course descriptions.

Please note, you must take the English assessment before enrolling.

DVC offers composition and reading classes at both our Pleasant Hill and San Ramon campuses.

Class schedule

To see the current or upcoming classes, please use the searchable schedule.

Literature courses and class schedule

Our literature courses provide students with a comprehensive introduction to English, American, and World Literature. We also offer exciting topic courses such as African American Literature; Women’s Literature; Contemporary Poetry; Graphic Novels, Children’s Literature, The Short Story, Shakespeare, and many more.

See our catalog for literature course descriptions.

DVC offers literature classes at both our Pleasant Hill and San Ramon campuses.

Important literature course information

Literature Classes for Fall 2020

Course Number Course, Title, Instructor

English 150 Introduction to Literature, Prof. A. Bessie

English 151 The Short Story, Prof. A. Haslam

English 154 Shakespeare and His World, Prof. C. Morgan

English 163 Asian American Literature, Prof. L. Ang

English 164 Latin American Literature, Prof. S. Razo

English 170 World Mythology, Prof. C. Forgette

English 176 Graphic Novel as Literature, Prof. J. Carrick

English 177 Children’s Literature, Prof. A. Gonzales

English 190 Multicultural Literature by American Women, Prof. M. Hansen

English 252 Early English Literature, Prof. I. Thomas-Bignami

English 262 Early American Literature, Prof. D. Defoe

English 272 Early World Literature, Prof. M. Garcia 

Creative writing courses and class schedule

Our workshop style courses will help you explore and write various types of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, drama, short stories, and more. These conversational style classes are a great way to develop your own written voice and explore new ideas.

See our catalog for creative writing course descriptions.

DVC offers creative writing classes at both our Pleasant Hill and San Ramon campuses.

Class schedule

Creative Writing Classes for Fall 2020

Course Number Course Title, Instructor

English 222 Creative Writing, Prof. I. Carbonell

English 223 Short Story Writing, Prof. J. Wilson

English 224 Poetry Writing, Prof. C. Muravez

(updated 5/4/20)

To see the current or upcoming classes, please use the searchable schedule.

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