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Counseling, Disability Support Services
Despins, Nicole Counselor 925-969-2170 SSC-248
Conde, Kellie Counselor 925-969-2171 SSC-248
Disability Support Services/ WorkAbility III
Hagerty, David DSS/ WorkAbility III Manager 925-969-2176 SSC-248
Punsalang, Lawrence Senior Office Assistant 925-969-2182  SSC-248
Desmond, Rose Alternate Media Specialist 925-969-2174 SSC-248
DeChristofaro, Rachel Note Taking Coordinator 925-969-2178 SSC-248
Tenty, Ron Testing Coordinator 925-969-2184 SSC-248
Orme, Laurence Special Students Programs and Services Aide 925-969-2173 SSC-248
Million, Carrie High Tech Center Specialist 925-969-2186 SSC-250
Deason, Nancy Learning Disability Specialist 925-969-2172 SSC-248
Turner, Regie Employment Specialist 925-969-2208 SSC-248
Christensen, John Employment Specialist 925-969-2177 SSC-248
Butler, Robin WKIII Office Assistant 925-969-2207 SSC-248